Heavenly Naturist Massage - Naturist massage, choose either a relaxing or naughty and fun massage for gentlemen, ladies and couples.

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Heavenly Massage is now a year old! 
Come and visit Sunni for a first class naturist massage. Experience the sensual erotic journey which will take you to heaven.

Heavenly Massage

Give yourself a Heavenly treat and come to be indulged in a beautiful sensual massage. 
Spoil Yourself
 with a beautiful erotic naturist massage 
using hot oils, warmed towels and a heated bed, not to mention the indulgence of our warm bodies  against each other during a candlelit massage... bliss. 

      We offer for your pleasure....

Blindfolded  Massage
Massage for couples
      Female to Male 1:1
    Female to Female 1:1
      Hot stone Massage
   Massage Lessons
Watch Your Partner's Massage
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Hot Stone Naturist Massage.
Add hot stones to your massage for no extra cost, just remember to ask when you book as the stones take an hour to heat prior to your appointment.

Also available and very popular....

Blindfold experience
Enhance your sense of touch with a blindfold experience. I will place the blindfold on you once you have got yourself comfortable on the massage couch and you can remove it at any point during your massage or leave it on for the duration. This really is a very sexy way to feel the sensuality and erotic feel of each stroke, you have no choice but to lay there and concentrate on the feel of my skin on yours. Enjoy with no distractions, pure bliss.
Tie and tease experience
Lay on my couch and I will tie you to it! I use soft satin ties, or leather restraints to hold you firmly in place whilst I massage you, your movement will be very limited as I massage you all over your body, touching every part of you. I will tease you with soft tassels, fingers and oils.  Only when I have decided I am ready, I will allow you the ultimate pleasure. Mmmmm.....
Optional - Combine this with a blindfold and you really will be in my hands. Warning... this massage will blow your mind!!
None of these take your fancy? Just come to see us for a sensual erotic naturist massage or have a look through our experiences section to see if anything else would suit you.

Please remember that I offer a sensual massage with an erotic release ( aka happy) ending and NOT a full sexual service. Although I love to have fun with you and enjoy the experience I work only within respectful boundaries so please do not ask me for full service or oral, (both ways) it is a hands on experience ONLY, and I will refuse.

Text Sunni on 0751 284 7330
Sorry...... we never answer withheld numbers
Please note.... we can get really busy so we're sorry that we cannot always answer. Please do leave us a message or text stating your name, number, and whether or not we can reply, and at what times.  We will always call you back if you ask us to. Unless you specify this we do not call/text back due to the importance of discretion. The best time to try to catch Sunni is 8.30-9 in the morning. Thank you .

We work from our private and discreet location in Sussex.
We fully appreciate the importance of privacy and discretion is used at all times. We will  contact you only when you ask us to.

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